July 3, 2017

Life Group

A Life Group is intended to bring together particular sectors of the community, because the Feast wants to be ‘present’ at whatever stage in life an attendee is.


Let’s start them young! The Awesome Kids Ministry (AKM) gathers up kids, aged 3 to 12, of Feast attendees, and makes sure that they undergo formation. You can think of it as the Sunday School of the Feast. AKM coordinates with the Light of Jesus Family-Central regarding the various community-wide activities for kids. They also conceptualize and implement the various activities for kids, such as children’s workshops, trainings, and performances.


The Youth Ministry handles the various formation and activities of the youth, aged 12 to 21. The Youth Ministry likewise coordinates with the Light of Jesus Family Youth Central, regarding the various community-wide events and activities, like the Youth Camps and the Kerygma Conference. They also get to serve in the various Feast events and activities: they can provide technical support, be part of the dance group, music choir, warmth, and be prayer intercessors, among others. The Youth undergoes various mentoring programs that equip, train, and prepare them as future servant leaders. Just recently, they started to hold every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month the Youth Jam, where the young get to experience cool worship, a short talk and fun games.


The Couples Ministry is in charge of the various formation and activities of married Feast couples. Part of their task is to conceptualize and implement activities for couples every month. Their most successful milestone would be Lux, a regular couples’ retreat that is now on its tenth batch. Also, you can always rely on the Couples Ministry to serve in different capacities during many events and activities of the Feast.


The Solo Parents Ministry makes sure that various formation and activities are held for solo parents. Solo parents, as defined by Fr. Dennis Paez, would be the widows, widowers, annulled, divorced, separated, or those with distant spouses, usually working and living overseas.  As with the Couples Ministry, they conduct solo parents’ fellowships, recollections, and retreats on a regular basis. The Solo Parents also volunteer their services during Feast events and activities.


The Singles Ministry is responsible for the formation and others activities designed for single Feast attendees, aged 21 and above, who have never married. They conceptualize and implement activities, fellowship nights, recollections, and retreats, among others, for these single people. Some of their most notable events include Chill and the regular Love Life Retreat. We can likewise rely on our Singles Min to serve in the various Feast events and activities.


The Gracious Living Ministry is the newest addition under the Life Group category. Its pioneer members have been tasked to handle the formation and various activities for our elderlies, those aged 70 and above, who are single, solo parents, or couples. They conceptualize and implement activities and fellowships for the said group. Count on them to serve, as well, in different capacities, during the various Feast events and activities.